Guide to creating an eclectic home

Ever heard people referring to having an eclectic taste in interior design and immediately had a mental image of a room with crazy patterns, colours and mismatched furniture thrown together? While an eclectic style allows you to be daring and adventurous, it does not mean you should be randomly gathering different items and throwing them into the same space.

While the idea is to incorporate different styles, textures and patterns, there is actually a lot more to successfully creating an eclectic interior. And if done right, it can be a really fun way of creating a very unique interior that is filled with your personal style and the things you love!

Photo: Pinterest

The perfect eclectic interior is cohesive, yet collected, trendy yet timeless, blending tradition, cultural motifs and high quality design to create a space that is totally unique.

While your styling should be guided by your personal taste, furniture pieces you adore and combining different decor elements that you love, you should still create a balanced and unified space.

Layered Look

Make use of rugs and throws to create a sense of depth and visual appeal. Layering also make for a space that feels lived-in and comfortable.

Photo: Pinterest


Use a mix of textures and prints – ethnic prints work very well in an eclectic space. But be sure to keep the colour scheme in mind and not have too many contrasting layers vying for attention. Our Mali Mud Cloth Throw is perfect for creating a contemporary eclectic feel in your bedroom or lounge.

Mali Mud Cloth Throw - Cotton & Clay
Mali Mud Cloth Throw – Photo: Villa Styling

Gallery Wall

Gallery walls are a staple of this style. Pairing pieces of varying heights, sizes and styles lends a hand to the eclectic look.

Photo: Pinterest

If you are looking for some inspiration to begin creating your gallery wall, be sure to browse our collection of art prints by the very talented Australian artist, Natalie Briney.

Art prints by Natalie Briney
Art prints by Natalie Briney – Photo: diyshelley

Organised Chaos

Nothing says contemporary eclectic like combining styles. Take a few risks and combine contrasting styles, for example wooden furniture decor combined with a few industrial pieces, or mix older pieces with modern design elements.

Have fun with your decor by really showing of your personal style and tastes. Showcase items that you have fallen in love with or buy a few unique pieces to display.

Make it even more interesting by mixing up your displays. Place paintings or art prints on the floor or on a shelf, rather than hanging it against the wall.Β Baskets are another great eclectic decor item. Use our selection of handmade African baskets as a feature against the wall, for decorative storage, or even as a planter.

Create Unity

The nature of eclectic style is diverse, but that doesn’t mean each room in your home should look completely different from the next. Create unity and flow by using a neutral backdrop such as a subtle wall paint, incorporating a few minimalist furniture pieces, and having a few neutral toned accessories. Then pick a colour or two that will be the focus in each of your rooms. Make sure that colour is shown in different shades or small accents in your rugs, paintings, and other decorative objects.

Photo: Villa Styling

Inspiration is the foundation for eclectic style. Use the tips above and embrace your own personal design flair to create a space that is uniquely you!

Michelle xx


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