Natalie Briney Artist wall art prints

Introducing Australian artist Natalie Briney

Since day 1 of starting Cotton & Clay, it has been my dream to include wall art in our collection of home decor. Adding a piece of art to a wall, can make a significant impact to the look of a room. Keeping this in mind, I knew I had to find a really special artist to be the first to showcase in our wall art collection.

From my personal experience moving to New Zealand 3 years ago, my house only started feeling like a home once I added a few beautiful pieces to the walls. As with most of the items in my house, I only buy pieces that speaks to me and feels like a reflection of my personality and style.

When I discovered Natalie Briney’s work, I found myself falling in love with most of her pieces, and I instantly knew I had a winner. Needless to say, I was over the moon when Natalie agreed to have me add a few of her art prints to our store.

Natalie Briney Artist wall art prints
Photo: Natalie Briney


Natalie Briney is a contemporary Australian artist living and working in the beautiful seaside town of Dunsborough, located in Western Australia. Largely self taught, Natalie has been developing her style of Mixed Media Art for over 10 years.


An artist who loves to paint the way it should “feel” rather than the way it should ‘look’, Natalie often experiments with layers and layers of paper, paint and texture and is inspired most to paint the beauty and strength of women.

Natalie Briney Artist wall art prints
Photo: Natalie Briney

I was curious to know more about this amazing artist, so I did a quick Q+A:

What made you choose painting as a way of expressing yourself?

I have always loved creating and making things with my hands. But for most of my 20’s I never created or did anything artistic, instead spending my time travelling, working and um drinking 🙂 Once I had children though, I picked up my paint brush again and started creating some ‘me’ time after they went to bed at night. So to begin with, it was about carving out some time for myself, but once I re-connected with the joy of painting and my children grew older and so therefore I had a little more time to spend with my art, it developed into a way to express my love for animals and nature.

Tell us a bit about your work and what techniques do you use?

My work is mixed media, and by that it means that I use papers (vintage music, book, scrapbook), fabric, and other found objects on top of my base (which is normally canvas). I paint beautiful women normally holding an animal (both wild and tame) and my other favourite to paint is folk art type willow trees.

Natalie Briney Artist wall art prints
Photo: Natalie Briney

What is your design inspiration?

I gain inspiration from the colours in nature, photographs and also Pinterest is a great source of inspiration for me.

What is your favourite piece from your collection?

My favourite piece has to be Royalty. Two reasons. My favourite colour has always been blue, especially the colour Teal and I adore peacocks.

What do you feel makes your work unique?

I believe that because you will often find music notes hidden away under the pale skin of my girls (which can often look like veins or shading), combined with the multiple layers in my backgrounds and then my use of adding hand dotting (with a kebab stick), makes my work unique.

When you’re not busy painting, what will we find you doing?

I work part –time in a boutique winery as a Cellar Door Hand, which I adore as it gets me out of the house talking to people about my second favourite subject – Wine!

What’s in store for you for the rest of the year?

I will be working on several pieces for group exhibitions that are coming up in July, August and November. I work on very large canvas’s , so my original pieces take a while to create. I am planning another solo exhibition in July 2018.

Natalie Briney Artist wall art prints
Photo collage: Cotton & Clay

Browse Natalie’s beautiful collection of art prints at Cotton & Clay!

Michelle xx








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