Cotton & Clay’s First Market Day

Who knew having a market stall could be so much fun!?

Before yesterday, certainly not me!

Being a huge fan of all things handmade, I have always enjoyed going to markets and browsing through all of the beautiful goodies.  It is so much fun finding unique items and planning exactly where I am going to place it in my home.

I feel drawn to the creative and vibrant atmosphere at a market and am always in awe of the stallholders who are so clever in their designs and so passionate about sharing their creations.  Never in my wildest dreams did I imagine being one of them.


But after launching my online business just over a month ago, I realised that I needed the opportunity to share my products with people face to face. I truly believe that the handcrafted products that I have sourced are really special and unique.

Hand carved wooden items – each different from the other, gorgeous fabrics hand printed with precision, the feel of a flat weave towel that has been woven on an antique loom using the highest quality pure cotton, the texture of a basket hand made from coiled rope, the smell of natural soap made from skin-loving essential oils.

These things should be experienced with the senses.


And so I applied to be a stall holder at the Tawa Pop Up Market – a monthly pop up market set up and run by two amazing (and organised!) ladies.

Being an introvert and usually avoiding the spotlight, I was super nervous as I set up my stall and the shoppers started browsing.  Would I be able to ‘sell’ my products and my brand? Well I have to be honest, there were a few times that I stumbled over my words and my nerves got the better of me. I think I may have looked slightly shocked when my first customer made a purchase! 🙂

But as people browsed, asked questions about the origin of my items and shared some funny stories and ideas of how they would be using my products, I soon forgot to be nervous and really started enjoying myself!

And so I am glad to say, the market turned out to be a huge success and I can’t wait for the next one!


Luckily, my hubby was my assistant for the day so I managed to get a chance to browse all the other lovely stalls, make a few purchases and add a few items to my wishlist for next time!

My pink Anthurium from The Kokedama Hutt is now sitting prettily on my kitchen window sill. Mamulu had amazing hand crafted soy wax candles that smelled good enough to eat! Button + Me had the cutest custom designed items for the little ones and some beautiful necklaces (one of them definitely went on my wishlist). I  couldn’t resist trying a bite of yummy macaron from Mon Nounours and from where I stood they were looking pretty popular! PomPom Parcels had the prettiest collection of gift boxes filled with all kinds of lovely handmade products. Lama Love had a collection of beautiful scatter cushions that everyone will love!

These are but a few of the amazing 30+ stalls at the market. Be sure to keep an eye on the Tawa Pop Up Market facebook page for updates on next month’s market – it is sure to be another great one!

Michelle xx


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